Hinge won the Black Zinnias Press national poetry award in 2006


published by Blue Light Press 

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Praise for Hinge

Praise for Lucky Witness

“Kathleen Lynch writes poems about bacon and eggs, Halloween pumpkins, crabgrass and the crack in the driveway—a world so common, so ordinary, we might not see it at all if it were not for the light of her poetry.”

Richard Jones

editor of Poetry East and author of fifteen collections of poetry, most recently, Stranger on Earth (Copper Canyon Press 2018)

“One senses that Kathleen Lynch — in her brilliant, sometimes devastating book — intends her title to be read un-ironically.  As in Ingmar Bergman films, the poems cast a light on various darknesses that in their exposures, their witnessing, are the essential cries and whispers of poetry.”

Stephen Dunn

Pulitzer Prize winning author of many collections, including Degrees of Fidelity and Essay of Poetry and Latitude of the Personal

“The hallmark of her gifts is her ability to make the ordinary reveal itself to us in extraordinary ways. Only a poet of her grace, intelligence, and technical skill could allow us to pass so easily from the mundane to the miracles it contains…”

Lynne Knight

author of The Language of Forgetting, Dissolving Borders (Quarterly Review of Literature Prize, 2016) and other prize-winning works

“In this wondrous poetry collection, you will be the lucky one, to witness the craft and depth of the poems by Kathleen Lynch. The writing captures an essential truth about the nature of our histories, our stories, our families and the threads that tie them all together.”

Connie Post

author of Floodwater, winner of the 2014 Lyrebird Award

“Robert Frost once said that if a poem has outer seriousness he liked it to have inner humor. If outer humor, then inner seriousness. Kathleen Lynch’s poems exemplify Frost’s predilection. She’s a poet of both gravity and charm, continually fascinated with the vagaries of what it means to be alive. I’m an unabashed Kathleen Lynch fan. She even knows how to make sadness lively. Those of you in search of serious pleasures, buy this book.”

Stephen Dunn

author of over ten books of poetry, his collection Different Hours won the 2001 Pulitzer Prize for Poetry.

“…here’s a poet who astonishes us again and again, as she finds perfect metaphors and images to tell rich stories and mine “Ineffable” thoughts and emotions. There is much joy here, quiet and vatic; frequently, wit and humor (try her oysters!); there is also pain, sorrow, even terror; and always compassion. We are lucky to have so true a witness.”

David Alpaugh

Nicholas Roerich Prize winner and author of Counterpoint and Heavy Lifting and other works

Awards and Prizes for Kathleen’s Work


Genosko Flash Fiction First Prize (2019)

Pushcart Prize XLII (2018)

A Peregrine Prize (2006)

Black Zinnias Press Poetry Book Contest (2006)

Two Rivers Review Prize (2002)

White Eagle Coffee Store Chapbook Award (2000)

Spoon River Poetry Review Editor’s Prize (2000)

Salt Hill Poetry Contest (2000).

Threnody   sculpture by K. Lynch