Alhambra Poetry Calendar 2008


366 Poems | 340 Poets

A surprise-desk calendar and a poetry anthology in one, this beautifully designed and presented book contains 366 poems by 340 poets. Meant for your desktop or bedside table, the calendar showcases work by some of the best American, British, Canadian, Australian, and Irish poets from the 14th to the 21st century. You’ll rediscover many of your favorite classics in English poetry, and you’ll be introduced to the most exciting work by well established as well as new and emerging poets.

More than a calendar, Alhambra Poetry Calendar 2008 is a book to keep!

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“A poem a day just might keep the ceaseless drumming of the world’s prose away.”
Billy Collins

“The Poetry Calendar is not only a wonderful and original anthology – it does what those old calendars rigged out with verses used to do but much better.
It reminds us of time passing with certain vivacity and depth. Old poems rub shoulders with the new sparking off each other and so the year gains
dimension.” – George Szirtes

“Alhambra Poetry Calendar is the best thing for poetry-lovers since the invention of the wheel!  And a poetry wheel of days is exactly what it is, each day’s entry a memorable poem by poets ranging from classic to contemporary. Editor

Shafiq Naz has given us an indispensable collection of poems to be savored day by day.”
Kathryn Stripling Byer

“A wonderful, simple, eloquent way of adding poetry to dailyness.”
Eavan Boland

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